Artist : Lauren Rachel Carroll

'Volcano' Acrylic painting on Canvas

  • Acrylic painting on canvas (2022)
  • Signed original
  • 11 x 14inch
  • Unframed
  • Ready to hang


Original artwork, existing only as a physical Acrylic painting on canvas.

This painting was created in 2022 using soft body acrylic paints. 

Constructed using a mixture of palette knives, brush strokes and detailed mark making in each layer of the painting. Adopting a cool technique known as scumbling for exaggerating certain areas to finish. 

For me abstract art is about exploring form and colour, painting an atmosphere onto the canvas. It was actually my daughter who named this painting. I may have called it something else but this is a beautiful example of how different people percieve abstract art.

Art is everywhere and can be seen through totally different eyes and lenses. 


If you would like to see this piece or any of our original paintings in real life you are welcome to visit our studio art gallery.


Please get in touch to arrange an appointment.



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