I have always been happiest while drawing or creating different things with my hands. 

I fully immerse myself into the creation process which is really therapeutic. 

Time disappears, leaving me in an almost meditative state. This has always been true from when I was drawing for fun as a child all the way through to present day where I have been a professional tattoo artist and painter. 

At school and college I always preferred pencil drawing and soft shading on paper which I stuck to without really exploring painting too much.

I started tattooing in 2008 which became my new obsession!  I focused mainly on hyper realism in both greyscale and colour.  Finding out how to create pieces of art on skin to a high standard gave me a good understanding of value, tone and the relationship between colours.

I think I was watching an art programme on TV and decided I was going to attempt an oil painting on canvas as I had never used oil paints before.  I learnt so much painting the clouded leopard and absolutely loved blending the oils and the large scale of the canvas compared to paper.

I found out about a local art exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery from the art shop I was using at the time and submitted my clouded leopard.

To my amazement I won 1st prize!  This means I had inadvertently learnt how to paint through tattooing! Wow!

When tattooing I am interacting with my clients whilst working which can be a distraction, especially when they are in excruciating pain! 

Luckily, canvas doesn’t feel pain, move or not turn up!

I love painting as it’s a much more personal experience with myself, the canvas and the paint.

I definitely don’t feel like I’m working!

I enjoy applying my tattooing skills onto canvas through oils and I’ll keep exploring different mediums, styles and canvas until I find the finished painter in myself.