Artist : Lauren Rachel Carroll

'Sea Sky Space' Mixed media on canvas - SOLD -

  • 'Sea Sky Space' Mixed media on canvas (2020)
  • 39 “ x 20 “
  • Unframed
  • Ready to hang
  • Signed


I started this particular mixed media canvas by painting a healthy layer of acrylic paint to create the blue background. Using Oil paint to build more contrasting layers bringing focus forward to the richer warmer colours of burgundy, velvet red and ochre orange oil paint. I think the fusion of paints adds extra contrast to the canvas.

Mostly for this artwork I used a mixture of palette knives, brushstrokes and detailed mark making in each layer of the painting. 

Applying layers to create an atmosphere from contrasting colours and values. The overlaying misty hazes and saturated colour gives this mixed media canvas real depth.

As a result I have created movement and a sense of conflict in this painting.

I feel this piece is dreamlike, taking you to a faraway landscape, a seascape or is it outer space? 

If you would like to see any of our original paintings in real life you are welcome to visit our studio art gallery.  

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