Artist : Nick Carroll

'Haze' Acrylic on wood panel

  • Acrylic painting on wood panel (2022)
  • Signed original
  • 12x 16inch
  • Unframed
  • Ready to hang


Original artwork, existing only as a physical acrylic painting on wood panel. 

This painting is a work from my abstract landscape series. Focusing on a feeling or emotion within the painting.

This piece consists of heavy body acrylic paint applied with pallet knives, sponges, brushstrokes and pushing and smudging with my hands. 

Painting loosely from memory keeps any specifics out of my mind. Targeting the emotion of the painting rather than its visual accuracy seems to establish an organic atmosphere of its own. 

Hopefully this painting evokes a memory or emotion you've experienced. Maybe it's reminiscent of somewhere you know? 



If you would like to see any of our original paintings in real life you are welcome to visit our studio art gallery.


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