Artist : Lauren Rachel Carroll

'Fall House' Mixed media on canvas

  • Mixed media on canvas (2019)
  • 36 “ x 24 “
  • Unframed
  • Signed
  • Ready to hang 



Mixed media is great when your in the mood to cover a canvas quickly with the acrylic paint drying much faster than the oil paint. 

When I look at this painting I see ramshackle houses stacked on top of each other or are they carved into rock? Maybe you see something entirely different in this canvas?

That's the beauty of abstract art, everybody can experience different personal feelings about a painting or Artwork.

As with most of my work this painting is a fusion of memories from magical dreams and real life experiences.

Initially I utilised different sized palette knives and rollers to drag the thick acrylic paint over the canvas. Later using brushstrokes to blend in the shadows, deep textures and tones of the water. 

I really enjoyed this painting and all the wicked textures I achieved within it.


If you would like to see this, or any of our original mixed media canvas in real life you are welcome to visit our studio art gallery.  


Please get in touch to arrange an appointment.


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