Artist : Nick Carroll

'Watching You' Mixed media on canvas

  • Mixed media on canvas 
  • 40"x 32" (1010mm x 810mm)
  • Unframed 
  • Ready to hang
  • Signed


I painted this mixed media canvas in 2017 after watching a documenary series about cats.

I've always loved big cats and all the ways they have evolved to adapt to their environment. It allows them to thrive in most environments across the planet. 

I used a base layer of Acrylic paint for the foundation of the painting adding Oil paint to build the texture of the dense hairs with fine brushes and subtle tones. 

The eyes are so important in this painting and seem to follow you around the room.

I found out about a local art exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery and submitted my clouded leopard Oil Painting. To my amazement I was presented 1st prize! This catapulted me on this journey I find myself on today, as a painter.


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