Artist : Lauren Rachel Carroll

'Trees After Rain' Oil painting on canvas

  • 'Trees After Rain' Oil painting on canvas
  • 39 “ x 30 “
  • Unframed
  • Signed
  • Ready to hang


I painted this piece using Oils on a wet canvas. I find this technique compliments my style harmoniously.

I love working with oil paint and a minimal palette. Smudging and scumbling together over the canvas with various brush strokes. By doing this, you create lovely blends, which go hand in hand with the exciting fast pace of my work!

I absolutely love incorporating landscapes and water in most of my paintings. On this canvas I've tried to encapsulate trees after a rainstorm and a disturbance amongst the wildlife in a loose abstract style.

It’s amazing what people see in this piece! Some see faces, some get the feeling of anxiousness while others draw a peaceful emotion from it.

That’s what I love about Abstract Art, it’s all down to the viewer who makes their own interpretations of what they are seeing. 


If you would like to see any of our original paintings in real life you are welcome to visit our studio art gallery.  

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